This guy has reservations with your trash.

Bears remember where they've dined. Shut it down with bear-proof bins.

Why should I take care with bears?

In Truckee-Tahoe area it has become more and more common for bears, raccoons and other wildlife to frequent residential areas, and many have become habituated to feeding off of our garbage.

There are hundreds of “animals-in-trash” incidents reported every year. A bear that has frequent access to human food will likely lose its natural fear of humans and also may damage property in its quest to reach the food source, oftentimes resulting in a death sentence for the animal: “a fed bear is a dead bear.”

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  • Be bear aware
  • Secure your garbage
  • Shut all windows and doors when you are not home
  • Place bird feeders out of a bear’s reach
  • Only store pet food inside, never outside
  • Put out your garbage the morning of pick up
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